Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why do we shop?

As with many quilters, I have a large stash. But, I can't seem to have enough of the 'right' fabrics to do a project.  My quilting motto is: 'I must shop'. I guess because I don't hit the malls, shoe stores, etc., I can justify to myself that a yard here or a fat quarter there...oh who am I kidding??? Let's say, 'a yard or two or four'...and call it good.

I found a panel yesterday that I had been longing for ever since I saw a shop customer with it a year ago. She didn't have the selvedge information so it was hard to find. I think it's adorable and will make something with it.
Mrs. Sew and Sew


  1. That is a cute panel! That will definitely make a nice quilt top.

  2. Hi Kathy, Cute stopped in my blog,thank you,and wanted me to refer to you concerning "Pheromones." I got the article from "Deb's Blog" and I searched your blog and cannot find any referral to it? I will be glad to attribute this to you if you can give me a link. :) Thanks~~DaCraftyLady