Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fresh Air is Therapy

Autumn is just around the corner (although it has already occurred on the calendar) and the temperatures are dropping slowly. I love going outside in the early morning, feeling the slight chill to the desert air. For me, this is the renewal time, my opportunity to turn off the A/C, open windows, air out the house, to feel energized again. It gives my mind a fresh feeling when I look at my clients' quilts. Contrary to what many feel, summers in the desert provide a hot, stifling atmosphere which can bog down the mind and body. Autumn is the ideal time here! As long as the pollens stay at bay I'm good to go.

A cup of coffee outside on the patio, some deep breathing, open the house up for a little while is enough to get me kick started and ready for the day!

Mary's quilt is on the frame...a king size with organic design quilting.  Open the window....let's GO!


  1. Kathy,
    Good to see you have updated. Did the wall get completed?

  2. Wall is 90% finished. Adding a post about it