Barking Dogs Quilting Prices

Price list may not reflect exceptions or adjustments for your quilting order

These prices are per square inch.

Pantographs offered are listed by level of difficulty and time to complete

Level 1:  Allover Meander   .019

Level 2:  Pantograph (2)  .023

Level 3:  Pantograph (3)  .025

Semi-Custom:   .035

Artistic or Heavy Custom  .045

Pressing and Grooming quilt and or back   $10

Basting quilt only   $25+

Minimum Charge for any quilt:  $45

Thread:  $5 per color

Batting:  $8 per yard

Binding:  Machine stitch to front of quilt only (you finish) $2 per running foot
                Machine stitched front and back finished    $3 per running foot

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