Desert Life

Tucson looking north from A Mountain

A gorgeous sunset complete with Monsoon rain

Finger Rock, looking north from our front door. Notice the snow?

Yes, we do get snow in Tucson!

A Javelina at the Desert Museum.

Cactus flower

Lovely orange flower

Typical desert scenery

Our resident Gila Monster. He lives in the wash near the house

Catalina Mountain sunset

Birds nest in the Cholla

Almost stepped on this guy! Notice his great hiding skills?

Cactus thorns

This one is rather hairy
Texas Ranger bloom

Texas Ranger bush. I have 3 of them in the yard...they start blooming when rain is imminent.  Mine is untrimmed and wild looking! Unfortunately the bloom is short lived and within 3 days it was all gone. Of course, the wind didn't help!
Monsoon storms provide great photography opportunities!
A summer storm cloud formation
Our glorious sunrise this morning. Love the intense orange!

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